U.S.A. 17. Farm, man, or should I say the truth?
I'm just a little boy, that's who I am. Tired of lies, girls, sex and everyone. Lead a life like a no one, work, have my own things and try not to socialize with anyone, no one really matters, everyone likes no one, big headed and doing everything for their own, why would I need you to mess me around?
I give up.
Can I be the only one?
  • You jump. I jump.
  • You run away. I run after you.
  • You cut. I take your blade.
  • You starve. I make you eat.
  • You say no one cares. I give you a list of people who care.
  • You say your ugly. I make you say "I'm beautiful." all day.
  • You say you can't recover. I prove to you that you can.
  • How I flirt: *stares from distance*

Anonymous asked: Mwah.

er, Hello Sir? (: